• LiveRamp's TERM Program

    Tech Entrance Rotation & Mentorship

  • What is TERM?

    LiveRamp’s Tech Entrance Rotation & Mentorship (TERM) Program offers new grads & recent graduates of all backgrounds the opportunity to contribute to key business initiatives, to drive projects from 0 to 1, and to grow at a speed and with freedom that is without equal.


    The program is 2 rotations of ~12 months each in any department throughout LiveRamp. Your first rotation depends on your strengths and interests as well as the needs of the company. For your second rotation, you can move to wherever you would like to grow next. Previous TERMs have designed and launched new products, managed the merger of acquired companies into LiveRamp, researched market opportunities in new industries, and more.


    This is challenging work requiring top-tier talent. We want the best of the best, and we will pay top-dollar for it. We have designed the program to be a more attractive alternative to traditional graduate paths in management consulting and finance.

    Why TERM?

    There is no better place to launch your career than here. There are few companies in the world growing as quickly and successfully as LiveRamp. And with success and growth comes unparalleled opportunity. You'll have the chance to explore interests in many parts of the organization, and you’ll never do the same work for very long.


    In the course of your tenure, you’ll develop a deep knowledge of LiveRamp’s products and business, enabling you to transition around the company and leave organization-wide impact. On top of this, you’ll attend program-specific development workshops as well as social events with your TERM class.


    And you will do all of this while working normal hours, giving you the work-life balance you need to enjoy your youth.

    Who is TERM?

    The Ideal TERM candidate is a new grad or recent graduate (<2 years of experience) who is a high achiever with an interest and background in a variety of fields. The most successful TERMs are ambitious, comfortable with ambiguity, and are looking to learn anything and everything. STEM or a technical background is preferred, but not a hard requirement. Our talent peers are consulting companies or other rotational programs in tech. If you have these traits and are interested in fun and challenging work, then LiveRamp is the perfect fit for you.

  • Hear from some TERMs

    Ben Misch

    Harvard University, M.A. Modern Japanese History, 2016

    Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. History and Math, 2014

    For someone who wanted to join the tech industry without committing to software engineering, the TERM program has been a godsend. Over the past 2 years, I have pursued complex problems involving mergers & acquisitions, org design, talent development, operational excellence, and people management. Each experience has taught me more about work and humanity than I ever expected. Silicon Valley is the historical moment of our age, and I will be forever grateful to LiveRamp for giving me the opportunity to participate first-hand and on my own terms.

    1. Chief of Staff, Talent

    2. Chief of Staff, Engineering & TERM Program Manager

    3. Chief of Staff, Anneka Gupta & James Arra

    4. (Graduated) Software Engineer

    Khanya Morolo

    Carnegie Mellon University, M.S. Innovation of Products and Services, 2016

    Duke University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Economics, 2014

    When I heard of the TERM rotational program at LiveRamp and the immense amount of freedom young employees are given to sculpt their own career path, I knew that I wanted to work here. My belief has always been that a diverse skill-set is key to making the whole more valuable than any single part. The freedom and responsibilities accorded to me at LiveRamp have given me the opportunity to practice that belief. As Product Operations Manager I grew my technical and communication skills, ensuring that we created and implemented the best workflow for each client’s needs. Now I’m working on one of LiveRamp’s newest product offerings, called Select, where I’m able to leverage the knowledge gained in my previous rotation to bring a 2nd party data sharing product to market.

    1. Product Operations
    2. Product Developer, 2p Data Sharing 

    Kevin Wei

    University of Chicago, B.A. Economics and Public Policy, 2017

    Before LiveRamp, I worked in politics, healthcare consulting, and civic technology. Now through the TERM program, I get to explore all of my interests while being surrounded by the most genuine and intellectually curious people I’ve ever met. During my rotations, I have engineered complex workflows, managed the release of a new product, and strategized about new business opportunities. There is no other program that will give recent grads the opportunity to have such a large impact. Finding out what you want in a career can be difficult, but the people at LiveRamp make it easy.

    1. Product Operations & Product Manager
    2. Business Development, New Verticals & TERM Program Manager

    Chloe Belangia

    Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Computational Media and Marketing, 2019

    My belief in the power of the multi-passionate persona began with my degree, as I experienced first-hand the value of leveraging design-thinking and principles of consumer behavior to solve computational problems. As time passed, my career aspirations consistently pointed to an entrepreneurially inspired trajectory, preferably in the tech industry. The underlying reality was, however, that such interdisciplinary interests never lent themselves to traditional job descriptions. Without siloing my whole self, where was my seat at the the tech table?


    As big life decisions rapidly approached, I happened upon the TERM program at LiveRamp. Reading through this very website, I was overcome with an innate sense of natural belonging, followed by a drive to prove it true. Here, a jack-of-all-trades seemed welcomed with open arms, as a well-rounded asset to solving interesting problems in the fastest growing industry of our modern era. Now being fully onboard, I can say with confidence that such an opportunity truly places you in the driver's seat of your own career. Your curiosity belongs here. Your restlessness to progress will take you far. And, without knowing your next step forward, you can press on, well-equipped and fully supported to discover your place along the way.

    1. Partner Marketing
    2. Consumer Communications

    Gracie Beal

    University of Southern California, B.A. Communications and Web Technologies, 2019

    From the moment I learned about the TERM program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it - the opportunity to practice professional autonomy right out of college, nonetheless at a cutting-edge and industry-changing company, is such a rarity. The TERM program has provided me with the freedom to pursue my multifaceted interests and the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to a number of teams here at LiveRamp while doing so. Thanks to TERM, I get to spend my days working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry to solve complex, high-impact problems, and can truly say I wake up every day excited to go to work.

    1. Growth Programs
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the structure of the TERM program and what types of rotation opportunities are available?

    The TERM program is 2 rotations of ~12 months each. Your first rotation will be determined depending on your strengths and interests as well as the needs of the company. In the few months before your start date (usually July-August), the TERM Program Manager will help you find your best fit across the company.


    Because of our high-growth nature, we cannot guarantee what role that you will be placed in at time of interviewing. However, we can guarantee that any role we place a TERM in has high-impact and leverage. TERMs are also closely connected with their network of other TERMites, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of the different parts of LiveRamp


    After your first rotation, you will be able to select a role on many teams across our organization. LiveRamp is growing so fast that there is and will be no shortage of opportunities. More than a few TERMs have even created their own roles from scratch.

    What kinds of candidates make ideal TERMs?

    The most successful TERMs are intelligent, resourceful, and determined. They can learn anything and everything, from low-level technical workflows to high-level go-to-market strategy. Having a STEM educational background is not necessary, but the analytical skills required in those subjects is. You must be able to think through ambiguous problems independently and methodically.

    How does the TERM program benefit LiveRamp?

    The TERM program is essential to helping LiveRamp scale. To continue hypergrowth, LiveRamp must launch new products in new verticals, and to maintain speed and agility, LiveRamp must organize these efforts smartly. The TERM program, with its rotational nature, allows us to put knowledgeable talent in these key positions quickly.


    The problems that TERMs work on cannot be taught in school, so prior education is only important in the abstract. And very few companies have been in these circumstances, so prior experience is not always relevant or even useful. All we need to support our growth is incredibly smart people who are willing to learn and do whatever is needed. That old adage about learning "how to think" versus "what to think" applies here.

    What type of growth opportunities exist in the program?

    The TERM program includes formal early-in-career training as well as a dedicated mentor to help guide your growth. However, the bulk of your learning will come from experience. And there is no better place to get experience than at a rapidly growing tech company in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco. With rapid growth comes more work for everyone, and therefore more opportunity. At a fast-growing company like LiveRamp, it is easy to find a specialized niche to make your own or move up into a leadership position.

    What happens after the program?

    After 2 years at LiveRamp, you will be an incredibly valuable resource. You will either find your space within the company and settle into a full-time position, or you will be able to continue rotating around the company (unofficially) until you do. Historically, this has meant entering either a management position or the Product organization. Note that you when you finish your second rotation and enter your third rotation, you effectively "graduate" out of the program. In other words, whatever role you select for your third rotation will be your long-term home.

    What is the TERM community like?

    The TERM program immediately plugs you into a community of 25+ individuals, each with their own networks. Everyone at LiveRamp is smart and friendly, and the TERM program is no different. Members of the program take care of each other both inside and outside of work. And we have a diversity of backgrounds too, which ensures a diversity of fun experiences and lively discussions.

    What does the interview process look like?

    After an initial resume screen, you will be asked to take an online webcam interview through the HireVue platform. If we feel that there is a mutual fit, you will then speak with a LiveRamper on the phone. After this, there will be a 3-hour onsite in our SF office, where you will speak with several TERMs in a 1:1 setting and get a feel for our culture and work environment. This onsite includes a short presentation based on the prompt: "Tell us a story using data." Additional details will be provided at each stage.


    To succeed at each of these stages, we recommend that candidates prepare in advance. There are many great resources online. We are looking for organized thinkers who are able to express themselves clearly while thinking logically through ambiguous and complex problems. We are also very interested in hearing about you, your past, and your hopes and dreams for the future.